Frequently Asked Questions

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For dog daycamp guests, we provide physical, mental and positive enrichment, ample play time with dog friends and of course- lots and lots of love! For dogs on the shy side, some times it can take a while to warm up to us or others, so shy dogs will be offered other enrichment activities to work on.

For the dogs that are boarding, we have multiple care packages that can be added to the stay on top of rest and relaxation. We are a positive reinforcement, fear free facility for any and all types of dog personalities.

We observe your dog based on a 4 hour trial period, 2 sessions may be required to get a proper understanding of your dog and their personality. Before we can expect any dog to participate in activities, boarding or daycare on a long term period, we need to observe their behaviour and read their body language. All of this is done as a safety precaution as not all dogs are suitable for daycare or grouped boarding.

Exactly how we don't all get along with everyone, not all dogs enjoy other dogs' company. In this case, your dog will complete their trial however we may feel your dogs personality isn't suited for daycamp or boarding; alternative options such as in-home pet care will be suggested instead.

We do not offer in-person tours. Many of our dogs can have stranger danger, and having people in and out of gates poses safety risks to our dogs. We have a fully secured property and we always prioritize our guest's safety and wellbeing when staying with us.

We offer virtual tours by appointment/availability. Our facility provides safe running space, shelter from the elements as well as quiet spaces and quality time for dogs that may get overwhelmed being away from home.

For daycamp, at least 24 hours in advance is preferred. For boarding, we strongly suggest at least 2-5 business days ahead when possible, and for holidays and long weekends: 1-2 weeks in advance is required as we book up quickly!

All you need to bring is your dogs' food and medication (if applicable). Please do not bring large tupperware, water bowls, dishes, or dog beds. As we are limited on space, we kindly ask to leave extra belongings at home.

For cats, rabbits or other species, please bring required necessities. For example: Exercise pen, crate, litter box. (We have cat trees and toys!)

Per our client agreement, we do not accept pets that are displaying any signs of illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, sniffling, coughing, or other unwell symptoms. If your dog develops an illness at our ranch, we will take your pet to your listed vet as a precaution, and if possible we will send them home for safety. If your dog is sick please leave him/her at home!

Your dogs health and wellbeing is just as important as all of our staff and our guests. For any guests who have knowingly brought a sick dog to our facility, penalty fees apply as well as a reconsideration of your membership.

One of our team members will come and stay overnight at your home to watch your pet(s). Per our policy and standard pet-sitting, our priority and primary purpose is to watch over and provide care for your pet. Generally, our pet sitting service is limited to intensive care for your pet and additional requests such as housekeeping, gardening or extensive errands will not be included the pet sitting. (We do offer light dusting and maintenance of chores such as taking out the trash, watering plants, pet laundry and cleaning up pet messes.)

Kennel cough is a highly contagious airborne disease that can spread rapidly between dogs. We encourage those who have visited dog parks or other dog facilities to be diligent, avoid sharing water dishes or bowls, or attending separate daycares or parks with dogs at least 2 weeks before boarding at our ranch.
Your dog will be quarantined and sent home if we discover symptoms. All our surfaces and beds are repeatedly sanitized and clean bedding is provided for every dog always.

Pickup and dropoff is included in our off leash hikes. Not only does your dog get a CAR RIDE, they also get 1 hour of off-leash enrichment at a local park. They get to hike, run, splash in puddles and roll around in the tall grass. After they are all tidied up, they go home happy and exercised.