Cage free, fear free and force free overnight boarding. Don't get confused... we do not operate our facility as a kennel. We've created a laid-back environment where dogs can have fun, explore and enjoy the companionship of staff and dog guests. Dogs are treated as family pets, participating in our daily activities and not restricted to kennels or crates. We have tons of outdoor space to run, play and socialize. We have a separate indoor/outdoor area for shy dogs and senior dogs. We also have an indoor area where our guests can escape bad weather.

All our overnight guests benefit from our day care service. At night, dogs have indoor individual suites with plush bedding in our open concept design that gives your dog the opportunity to recharge and have a restful sleep without feeling alone.
Private walks are on-leash walks around your neighbourhood. Suitable for dogs that are reactive or aren't physically able to participate in the hour group hike.